What’s next for (digital) video game art?

I was thinking about digital art in the context of Video Games and Art, and I came across “Animator vs. Animation,” a 2006 FLASH production which has been viewed over 6,000,000 times on the website deviantART. I suppose this intrigued me because it employs the same sort of post-critical method that many of the pieces highlighted in the book use to make their statement(s).

While I appreciate art for art’s (and cultures’ and society’s) sake, I am more interested in how it can be a useful medium for interrogating critical thinking and epistemological processes. In addition to knowing a tool, it is also indispensible to be able to step away from it and reflect on how it can be employed for different purposes, audiences, and ends. To see it rhetorically, in other words. This is one of the reasons I appreciate the FLASH art piece: it uses the media to perform the *feeling* a desiger gets when wrestling with the program. And brilliantly! Could a text have “said” it so well? Hardly!


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